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Studying the White Ships Quest

The Lord of the Rings: Online Quest

Quest Starting Location:
quest name: Studying the White Ships
starting map: Celondim
quest starting location: Raindis
optimal level: 6
Quest Description:
Raindis of Celondim has asked you to bring her some minor woodworking-lore that she can apply to the preparation of timbers used in the construction of the White Ships.

Objectives: Collect minor woodworking-lore.
Raindis is at Celondim, in Ered Luin.
Raindis has asked if you would collect some minor woodworking-lore from a scholar so she can see if any improvements might be made to the wood that is used as the timber for the White Ships.

comments and responses

all well and good to list the same thing the actual game does but where do you go to find the quest item. I went to scholar in Celondim but he doesn't have anything. and i haven't found another scholar anywhere close by. any help would be appreciated.
06/10/2008 22:22

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