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Ravaging Orc-Bounty Quest

The Lord of the Rings: Online Quest

Quest Starting Location:
quest name: Ravaging Orc-Bounty
starting map: Esteldin
quest starting location: Celephadh
optimal level: 32
Quest Description:
Celephadh has asked for your help in securing the lands around Esteldín.

Objective: Collect the helms of the fallen (0/6).
The Orcs make their camp in the ravaged lands of Dol Dínen, far to the south-east of Esteldín.
Not every traveller or resident of the North Downs has your good fortune and skill. Some have fallen to sword or spear of the twisted Orc-hoards. Celephadh asks you to hunt Orcs in the ravaged lands and reclaim the helms of the fallen. He suggested you take allies.

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