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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thistlewool's Sullied Name Quest

The Lord of the Rings: Online Quest

Quest Starting Location:
quest name: Thistlewool's Sullied Name
starting map: Bree
quest starting location: Thomas Thistlewool
optimal level: 15
Quest Description:
Thomas Thistlewool received a letter from Anlaf the Forlorn at The Forsaken Inn, mentioning money owed and a man he employed to collect some artifacts from the area.

Objective: Deliver Thistlewool's letter to Anlaf the Forlorn.
Anlaf the Forlorn can be found at The Forsaken Inn, eastward along the Great East Road.
Thomas Thistlewool has asked you to deliver a letter to Anlaf the Forlorn, the proprietor of The Forsaken Inn, promising payment for a debt incurred by a man he hired to seek ancient relics for him.

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