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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thinking Ahead Quest

The Lord of the Rings: Online Quest

Quest Starting Location:
quest name: Thinking Ahead
starting map: The Greenway
quest starting location: Agnes Martlet
optimal level: 22
Quest Description:
Agnes Martlet has kept her own farm for years, and although she left it when the Wargs appeared, she is already thinking ahead to her return.

Objective: Collect Heavy Bear-hides (0/12).
Bears can be found on the northern hills of Annúndir, east of Amon Raith.
Agnes Martlet believes the threat of Wargs will soon pass, and she is more concerned with the bears that have troubled her livestock over the years. She has asked you to cull the bears' numbers and collect their thick hides for tents and clothing while also reducing the threat to her livestock.

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