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Bree buildings

The Lord of the Rings Online Map

Some buildings interiors.

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List of Locations and NPCs on Bree buildings Map
Click on location or NPC link to get more information. Legend: Q - you can get quest here | C - some users' comments
chests or items
NPCs Quest Givers
Barliman Butterbur Tavern Keep. Quest: To a Ranger's Aid. Quest: To Mr. Butterbur.
Chief Watcher Grimbriar
Mayor Graeme Tenderlarch
Ollie Redbrush Quest: Falster's Delivery.
Osur Stouthammer
Verity Tyne
NPCs Trainers
Burt Ninetails Minstrel Trainer.
Old Roger Sorrel Master of Apprentices.
NPCs Traders
Alice Pickthorn Novice Scholar.
Bert Appledore Provisioner.
Bonny Thatcher Supplier.
Dolph Boxthorn Weaponsmith.
Gib Heathstraw Novice Woodworker.
Gil Greenbush Novice Cook.
Harlan Reed Bowyer.
Madge Woodsey Novice Jeweler.
Mat Hedgerow Novice Tailor.
Maynard Thistle Heavy Armoursmith.
Owen Oaks Bard of Bree.
Polly Leafcutter Healer.
Rob Hollyleaf Novice Weaponcrafter.
Thomas Cleelan Medium Armoursmith.
Tom Thornwell Novice Metalsmith.
Turner Thistleleaf Light Armoursmith.
Other NPCs
Bess Thornbush Auctioneer.
Bonnie Milkweed Notary.
Cissy Orangeblossom Auctioneer.
Dirk Crabgrass Auctioneer.
Jenny Greentoes Auctioneer.
Mat Tangleroot Auctioneer.
Walt Hollytree Clerk of Kinships.

Quests available on Bree buildings Map
To Mr. Butterbur - starting point: Barliman Butterbur, lvl: 10
Trouble in Buckland - starting point: Barliman Butterbur, lvl: 10
The Search for Laila - starting point: Bob, lvl: 15
Calming the Wake - starting point: Chief Watcher Grimbriar, lvl: 17
Purging the Dead - starting point: Chief Watcher Grimbriar, lvl: 22
Rangers and Rogues - starting point: Chief Watcher Grimbriar, lvl: 12
Sharkey's Men - starting point: Chief Watcher Grimbriar, lvl: 12
Foreword: Aiding the Order - starting point: Gandalf, lvl: 26
Haunted Alley - starting point: Mayor Graeme Tenderlarch, lvl: 10
Falster's Delivery - starting point: Ollie Redbrush, lvl: 15
Bronze for Bree-town - starting point: Osur Stouthammer, lvl: 15
Book I, Chapter 5: The Other Riders - starting point: Strider, lvl: 12
Verity Tyne Has Lost Her Ring - starting point: Verity Tyne, lvl: 15

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