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The Lord of the Rings Online Map

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List of Locations and NPCs on Gondamon Map
Click on location or NPC link to get more information. Legend: Q - you can get quest here | C - some users' comments
Sigdan Stable-master.
chests or items
Forge Novice Weaponcrafter.
NPCs Quest Givers
Bolli Quest: Goblins in the South.
Efi Plateshaper
Gailthin Quest: The Emissary.
Ingi Steambeard
Mathi Quest: Reluctant Allies.
Solvi Scrollbearer
NPCs Trainers
Alewin Master of Apprentices.
Dagfinn Hunter Trainer.
Galfi Minstrel Trainer.
Haflith Champion Trainer.
Mergeth Guardian Trainer.
Rathorm Loremaster Trainer.
NPCs Traders
Afast Supplier.
Aglinn Weaponsmith.
Algar Anvil-song Light Armoursmith.
Bard Bard of Gondamon.
Bor Medium Armoursmith.
Dofri Novice Cook.
Dragmall Novice Tailor.
Egon Malt-Water Weaponsmith.
Gyrgir Novice Jeweller.
Harthgrip Novice Metalsmith.
Kolskegg Healer.
Leithi Provisioner.
Lothinn Novice Scholar.
Orlygr Grocer.
Sindri Novice Weaponcrafter.
Timar Bowyer.
Tyrvi Novice Woodworker.

Quests available on Gondamon Map
Gondamon to Bree-town - starting point: Askell, lvl: 10
The Misplaced Cook - starting point: Askell, lvl: 14
The Plundered Port - starting point: Askell, lvl: 12
The Sundered Shield - starting point: Askell, lvl: 10
Vow of Vengeance - starting point: Askell, lvl: 11
Outfitting the Defenders - starting point: Efi Plateshaper, lvl: 10
A Disturbing Affair - starting point: Gailthin, lvl: 13
Reluctant Allies - starting point: Gailthin, lvl: 9
Suspicious Encampment - starting point: Gailthin, lvl: 9
A Blade of Renown - starting point: Haflith, lvl: 15
Steambeard's Hungry Work - starting point: Ingi Steambeard, lvl: 10
Mutual Dislike - starting point: Mathi, lvl: 11
A Disturbing Affair - starting point: Nithi, lvl: 13
Old Bones - starting point: Nithi, lvl: 13
Feeding the Outpost - starting point: Orlygr, lvl: 10
Warming the Garrison - starting point: Orlygr, lvl: 9

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