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Thorin's Gate

The Lord of the Rings Online Map

fiendly locationshostile locations
dungeons or instanceschests or items
NPC quest givertraps
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NPC traderstairs down
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List of Locations and NPCs on Thorin's Gate Map
Click on location or NPC link to get more information. Legend: Q - you can get quest here | C - some users' comments
main fiendly locations
Thorin's Gates Deed: Places of the Dwarves.
friendly locations
Dwarven starting location Start point for Dwarves after completing introduction instances ( levels 1 to 5).
Frerin's Court Deed: Places of the Dwarves.
Silver Deep Mine Deed: Places of the Dwarves.
hostile locations
dungeons or instances
chests or items
NPCs Quest Givers
Bogi Deepdelver
Gagi Cloudbrow
Halli Shimmershield
Nefi Gemcutter
Other NPCs
Foreman Ori Mine foreman.
Miner Onar Mine worker.
Wili Stablemaster.
Fell scrying pool Teleport to PvP zone - monsterplay.

Quests available on Thorin's Gate Map
The Maker's Hall - starting point: Bogi Deepdelver, lvl: 6
The Lost Tool - starting point: Flosi, lvl: 6
Leggings for Gagi - starting point: Gagi Cloudbrow, lvl: 10
A New Shine - starting point: Halli Shimmershield, lvl: 5
Nefi's New Setting - starting point: Nefi Gemcutter, lvl: 10
Gisli's Favourite - starting point: Ormr, lvl: 6
At The Behest Of Unnarr - starting point: Skógi, lvl: 5
A Patch in Time - starting point: Tindr, lvl: 6
Sprung a Leak - starting point: Tindr, lvl: 6

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