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Thorin's Hall

The Lord of the Rings Online Map

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List of Locations and NPCs on Thorin's Hall Map
Click on location or NPC link to get more information. Legend: Q - you can get quest here | C - some users' comments
friendly locations
chests or items
Feggi Vault-Keeper.
Gyllir Vault-Keeper.
Kabbi Vault-Keeper.
NPCs Quest Givers
Griss Stonesmasher
Guard-Capitain Unnarr for "At The Behest of Unnarr" Quest
NPCs Trainers
Petula Barley Burglar Trainer
NPCs Traders
Adwulf Bowyer.
Adwyn Flame-eye Bowyer.
Albryc Long-foot Weaponsmith
Ari Longarrow Bowyer.
Belgen Weaponsmith.
Bruni Stonehelm Heavy Armoursmith.
Dannel Medium Armoursmith
Durstan Light Armoursmith
Farmann Auctioneer
Fathi Auctioneer
Gowan Smith-Son Medium Armoursmith.
Hagan Storm-sword Weaponsmith
Hakan Ironhammer Heavy Armoursmith.
Invar Heavy Armoursmith
Ivor Yewbend Bowyer.
Kaupi Auctioneer
Kieri Medium Armoursmith.
Kimbur Green-Tree Light Armoursmith.
Kragg Stout-heart Weaponsmith.
Kyma Grey-bear Weaponsmith.
Lafi Light Armoursmith.
Ludde Blackeagle Bowyer.
Ranald Heavy Armoursmith.
Rhodri Blue-boots Weaponsmith.
Steinn Silvertongue Bard of Thorin's Hall.
Other NPCs
Warr Ink-sleeve Notary - he can grant you surname when you reach 15 lvl

Quests available on Thorin's Hall Map
The First Gear - starting point: Bavor, lvl: 6
The Second Gear - starting point: Bavor, lvl: 7
Stonesmasher's Pupils - starting point: Griss Stonesmasher, lvl: 10
The Missing Guard - starting point: Guard-Capitain Unnarr, lvl: 6

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