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The Lord of the Rings Online Map

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List of Locations and NPCs on Buckland Map
Click on location or NPC link to get more information. Legend: Q - you can get quest here | C - some users' comments
main fiendly locations
friendly locations
Buckland Faire Seasonal.
Crickhollow Chapter 7: Horn-call of Buckland
hostile locations
chests or items
NPCs Quest Givers
Celandine Brandybuck Quest: Trouble in Buckland.
Fredegar Bolger Chapter 7: Horn-call of Buckland.
Hodric Bracegirdle
Saradoc Brandybuck Quest: Rollo and Doderic.
Toly Brockhouse
NPCs Traders
Asphodel Burrows Provisioner.
Dono Boffin One-handed Weapon Trader.
Dora Brandybuck Bowyer.
Lara Boffin Light Armour Trader.
Leofric Brandybuck Supplier.
Madulas Brandybuck Novice Woodworker.
Malvo Goldworthy Medium Armour Trader.
Merimas Brandybuck Novice Scholar.
Mosco Bracegirdle Novice Metalsmith.
Myrtle Brandybuck Novice Cook.
Peony Burrows Novice Jeweller.
Rorimac Bolger Two-handed Weapon Trader.
Rose Burrows Novice Weaponcrafter.
Rowan Brandybuck Novice Tailor.

Quests available on Buckland Map
Join the Bounders - starting point: Bounder, lvl: 5
Old Forestry - starting point: Celandine Brandybuck, lvl: 12
Forest Bats - starting point: Hodric Bracegirdle, lvl: 12
Forest Bears - starting point: Hodric Bracegirdle, lvl: 12
Forest Spiders - starting point: Hodric Bracegirdle, lvl: 12
Forest Wolves - starting point: Hodric Bracegirdle, lvl: 12
Old Forest Investigation - starting point: Saradoc Brandybuck, lvl: 13
The Wood-cutter's Tale - starting point: Toly Brockhouse, lvl: 15

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