LOTRO Beginner's Guide
last update:
Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Introduction Locations

The Lord of the Rings Online Map

All starting locations are instanced. Thats mean player is alone in his journey for first level. In this instances player has a chance to learn how to move, fight, grab and equip items, how to complete quests and how to use basic skills. All is explained in tooltip windows and tips popping up at almost every action. Later (at levels 2-5) locations are still instanced but player can interact with other players, learn how to play in groups, doing more complicated quests, train class skills, trade with vendors and still going deeper into history background of Middle-Earth world.

fiendly locationshostile locations
dungeons or instanceschests or items
NPC quest givertraps
NPC trainerstairs up
NPC traderstairs down
other NPCswitch, lever
elite monstersmagic doors
boss monstersteleport

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