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Finding Reason Quest

The Lord of the Rings: Online Quest

Quest Starting Location:
quest name: Finding Reason
starting map: Archet Village
quest starting location: Cal Sprigley
optimal level: 7
Quest Description:
Cal Sprigley's farm has been overrun by spiders for no apparent reason, leaving Cal and Holly homeless in Archet.

Objectives: Talk to Atli Spider-bane.
Atli Spider-bane can be found just north of Cal Sprigley.
Cal Sprigley suggested that you speak with Atli Spider-bane about the spiders at his farm and how to be rid of them.

You will want to be at least level 8 if you are soloing this quest.
Talk to Cal Sprigley and then head over to Atli Spider-Bane just a little bit to the north. Head a little to the south and turn east right before Constable Thistlewool to enter the Archet Jailyard.
Navigate around the corner to the north and then head east through the gate. Head down Old East Path through the spider infested area and you will reach the cave entrance with a dead body to your right eventually (24.9S, 47.9W). Search Bali's body and then head in to the cave entrance.
Head south and kill the Brood Hunter, then search the cocoon for a journal page. Go back a little bit and then turn to the west and head up the slope killing a Brood Hunter. Shortly after you will come to the second cocoon. Wrap around to the south and enter a large room, go to the west straight across and kill off any spiders taht come for you. Just as you start to head down the path to the west you will find a cocoon, open it and then turn right back around. Head east to the second southern opening and kill off the spiders here to go down the eastern southern tunnel. Check the cocoon here for the fourth missing page. Continue down the path to the east and take the northern path as you kill a Brood Trapper coming down from the ceiling. Continue down the tunnel to kill off two more Brood Hunters and search the cocoon for one last missing page. Take all five of the missing pages back to Atli Spider-Bane to complete the quest.
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