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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Request to the Earth-Kin Quest

The Lord of the Rings: Online Quest

Quest Starting Location:
quest name: A Request to the Earth-Kin
starting map: Esteldin
quest starting location: Gondranc
optimal level: 34
Quest Description:
When Gondranc of Esteldín was journeying north from Rivendell, he had promised a man of Trestlebridge that he would assist them by providing armour for use against the Orcs.

Objective: Talk to Earth-kin chieftain.
Asikko is at the Earth-kin camp, found by skirting the hills northward from the eastern entrance to Esteldín.
In order to fulfil his obligation to Trestlebridge, Gondranc has asked you to obtain a book of leatherworking lore promised to him by Asikko, chieftain of the Earth-kin.

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