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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Instance: The Refuge of Edhelion Quest

The Lord of the Rings: Online Quest

Quest Starting Location:
quest name: Instance: The Refuge of Edhelion
quest starting location: Talagan Silvertongue
optimal level: 1
Quest Description:
While visiting the refuge of Edhelion on a sojourn from your woodland home, the refuge was attacked by a clan of dwarves called the Dourhands. These dwarves are led by Skorgrím, a vicious dwarf intent on taking the treasures of Edhelion for himself.
In the initial attack, the dwarves broke through the refuge's defences, but the elves rallied and pushed the dwarves back.

Objective: Follow Edhelben.
Follow Edhelben as he directs you to the courtyard of Edhelion.
Talagan Silvertongue has told you that he would like you to make your way to the courtyard of Edhelion and help defend it from further attack.

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