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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blunting the Spear Quest

The Lord of the Rings: Online Quest

Quest Starting Location:
quest name: Blunting the Spear
starting map: Esteldin
quest starting location: Dagoras
optimal level: 27
Quest Description:
A large contingent of Orcs has moved north-west, spearheading the main host as they march through the North Downs. These are Orcs of the Ongb˙rz tribe out of Angmar, cunning builders of siege weapons and defences.

Objective: Defeat the Ongburz Chieftain.
The Ongb˙rz camp is south-west of EsteldÝn across the Kingsfell.
Dagoras has asked you to slay the Orc-chieftain in hopes that his death will throw the Ongburz into disarray. Dagoras warned you to take allies with you on this mission.

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